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We Are Not Nazis

Sami Shalom Chetrit
Jul. 2006

A poem with photos + action, aid, and update links

Call it like it is, genocide

emily jacir
18 Apr. 2006

Since the beginning of April, Israel has fired no less then 2000 artillery shells into Gaza. 26 people were murdered. No one said a word. We did not get on the front page of the New York Times, no one condemns their actions. Meanwhile the Israeli ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people continues and takes on a multitude of forms - so many in fact that it is hard to keep up or even begin to speak about how all these devices create a massive network of forces to wipe us off the face of the earth...

Poet Aharon Shabtai Bans International Poetry Festival in Jerusalem

3 Jan. 2006

Email exchange between Shabtai and festival organizer shows that invitations were also sent to Adonis, Adrienne Rich, Manuel Alegre, Goeffrey Hill, and Tomas Tranströmer. (drop them a line, anyone?)

Final Declaration: The Second Right of Return and Just Peace Conference in Nazareth

Ilan Pappe
16-18 Dec. 2005

Hundreds of Palestinians and Jewish activists gathered in Nazareth for a three days conference on the Palestinian Right of Return. The first day, overshadowed by Israeli authorities' refusal to allow Qasim Qasim, a representative of the refugees network in Europe, to enter the country and participate in the conference. Participants could listen to Qasim's speech through a phone call. Other participants came from the occupied territories and the exilic communities around the world. Discussions on the second day produced the following declaration. The third day is dedicated to visits to the destroyed villages of Palestine.

'Eyb, Heshumah, Infajrat Qunbula: Towards a History of Mizrahim and Arabic

Zvi Ben Dor
English by oznik.com
23 Nov. 2005

Mizrahim's relations with the Arabic language are as problematic as their relations with the Arabs, perhaps even more so. The foggy zone between Hebrew and Arabic has a history that forces us to look at the entire Arabic-speaking space, not solely at "Israeli Society" as the exclusive theater wherein Mizrahi history takes place.

Appeal: Israeli Action Committee for the Palestinian Prisoners and Detainees

Israeli Action Committee for the Palestinian Prisoners and Detainees
31 Aug. 2005

To change routine denial of parole to long-serving Palestinian 'security prisoners,' commutie the sentences of long-serving prisoners including those holding Israeli citizenship, equate the conditions of incarceration of those classified as 'security prisoners,' equating them to those of other prisoners.

Recreating the Children's Theatre of Jenin Refugee Camp

“Arna Free Theatre” association
24 Aug. 2005

Press Release: Friends and colleagues of Arna, community leaders in Jenin Refugee Camp, and the local staff of a child rehabilitation centre are recreating Arna’s children theatre in Jenin in order to educate, encourage, and empower the children; that is: to provide them with a “real” childhood, with creative means of expressing themselves, with some light and hope.

International Campaign to Free Tali Fahima

The Committee for the immediate release of Tali Fahima
The Alternative Information Center

24 Jun. 2005

Free Tali FahimaOn Sunday, July 17th, Tali Fahima's trial sessions will be continued. On this occasion, we are calling on all solidarity movements around the world to join us and let the people of the world and the State of Israel know that the persecution and unjust incarceration of the woman who represents hope for a future of friendship and commonality between Palestinians and Israelis will not pass unnoted.

Special coverage: Jenin Camp residents send love, Interview: tali fahima speaks out, Daphna Baram: Why Rebels Must Be Middle Class, Lin Dovrat: Who Is Afraid of Tali Fahima?

call for help :
Third Batch of High-School Refuseniks

High-School Refuseniks
18 Mar. 2005

A week ago, on Monday the 13th of March, more than 250 Israeli high-school students sent a letter to the Prime-minister, the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Education and the Military Chief of Staff, declaring that they will refuse to take part in the occupation of the Palestinian people and territories.

Also in: Spanish

In Times of Crisis

Yael Lerer
16 Nov. 2004

"I was invited to talk about OUR times of crisis—that of Israelis and Palestinians. But before I address THE WORD in times of crisis, I would like to say a few words about THE CRISIS ITSELF. There is no “time of crisis” in Israel/Palestine. There is a permanent state of conflict between colonizer and colonized, occupier and occupied, the privileged and the disenfranchised."

Also in: Spanish

upadte:30 Oct. 2004

"The Glory of Might" by Katherine Ludwig of Peekskill, NY is the judges favorite among entries to the ARIEL SHARON SHORT STORY CONTEST. Apologies to everyone for the slight delay.

Hebrew Entries (translators needed): 


Jack Hirschman
30 Oct. 2004

"In their little heads, in their doorways and beds,
they wish they may, they wish they might
bury you..."

"The Mission Has Not Failed"

Gilad Elbom
29 Oct. 2004

Free Tali FahimaAn idea for a science fiction movie. Excerpted from Scream Queens of the Dead Sea, recently published by Thunder's Mouth Press.



photo gallery:
Simone Bitton's "WALL" Palestine Premiere

26 Jul. 2004

Simone Bitton's "WALL" Palestine PremierePhotos from last week's Palestine premiere of Simone Bitton's award winning Documetary, "Wall," on the wall in Abu-Dis, part of this summer's Ramallah International film festival. Scroll down for the press release.

Michelin Guides Try to Outlaw Israel-Critical Spoof

Shimon Tzabar
update 19 Oct. 2004

Much Better than the Official Michelin Guide to Isreli Prisons, Jails, Concentration Camps and Toture ChambersSatirical pamphlet titled "Much Better than the Official Michelin Guide to Isreli Prisons, Jails, Concentration Camps and Toture Chambers," is taken to court. We bring you an excerpt from the guide, and the letter of defense submitted to the British High Court in London.



A Vision of Joint Life - Activists, Intellectuals Recognize the Right to Return

Prof. Anat Biletzki, Andre Draznin, Haim Hanegbi, Yehudith Harel, Michel (Micado) Warschawski, Oren Medicks
English version: oznik.com
12 Jul. 2004

A Letter to a Liaison Officer
Chaim Feldman
11 Jul. 2004

Occupying Hebron
Shovrim Shtika - Breaking the slience
30 Jun. 2004

Gallery: Patterns of Abuse
Ori Kleiner
13 Jun. 2004

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